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Traveling with your pet will be a breeze

You don’t have to leave your pet home when traveling abroad. We can help you to obtain your pet’s international health certificate and passport. If you are planning to take your pet overseas, please take the time to read this valuable information.

For the international jet-setter

Hayfield Animal Hospital has experience with helping families transport their pet's overseas, including but not limited to: Australia, UK, Germany, and France. Our veterinarians are USDA certified, which is required for the APHIS Form 7001.


We are here to help in any way we can to get your and your pet to your destination. Give us a call at 703-971-2127 to book and appointment for a domestic or international health certificate.

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Contact us today and ask about travel documents for your pet!



Health Certificates for pets are required for travel within the United States (regardless if crossing states lines by car or by plane) as well as for international travel.

** Only United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved veterinarians are allowed to issue an international health certificate. Hayfield Animal Hospital currently has multiple veterinarians on staff that are approved to issue certificates for international travel. **

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