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7724 Telegraph Road

Alexandria VA, 22315

An animal hospital that genuinely cares

• Neutering

• Spaying

• Declawing

• Growth removal

Creating a pain management system for your pet

Choose companion laser therapy for your pet's pain management treatment! It is pain-free, surgery free, and will provide them with relief and comfort.

We will walk you through the process

• Drop off procedure

• Anesthesia preparation

• During surgery  

• Discharge and after-care

We work with the animals in our community

Community involvement is important to the staff at Hayfield Animal Hospital. We have been proud to service the community since 1977 and it shows in our work when we provide compassionate care to pets of all ages, domestications, and health conditions. Call us today at 703-971-2127 to schedule an appointment.

Injecting vaccine to a dog Dog's x-ray

We offer emergency care for your pets!

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We understand that the status of your pet's health can be alarming and worrisome. Schedule an appointment or bring them in immediately so that our professionally trained staff can get them back in your arms!

• Wound healing

• Post-surgical pain relief

• Joint disease and arthritic conditions

• Dermatitis

• Gingivitis and periodontal disease

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