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Your pet will benefit from early detection screenings.

Bring your pet to Hayfield Animal Hospital so that we can help improve their overall health. We specialize in the well-being of your animals and want to protect them from expensive out-of-pockets costs and treatments.

Extend the life of your pet!

We go the extra mile to ensure that your dogs and cats get the best care to help them live long happy lives! With regular check-ups and an appropriate senior diet, Hayfield Animal hospital will give you all the guidelines to keep your senior pet healthy and active.

The perfect wellness plans for your pet.

We will partner with you to create a nutritional plan that will help your pet maintain excellent health. Call us today at 703-971-2127 for more information!

Looking at dog's ear Cat checking up

• Comprehensive examinations

• Pre-existing conditions

• Vaccinations

• Full senior wellness exam

• Complete blood work

• Full urinalysis

Let us keep track of your pet's health.

Hayfield Animal Hospital has designed a report that will help reveal hidden health risks and allow for early prevention.

• Pet wellness report

• Laboratory work

• Pet health questionnaire

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HomeAgain Pet ID & Recovery


A lost pet is an unfortunate reality that every pet owner, regardless of how responsible they might be, may someday face. Luckily, however, there are certain precautions you can take to ensure that in the scenario you and your pet become separated, you can be reunited. Pet microchipping is one of the most effective methods available in locating a lost pet, and Hayfield Animal Hospital proudly offers these services.


HomeAgain Pet ID & Recovery offers a tiny, inexpensive microchip that can be inserted under the skin of your pet providing the most effective way to identify a pet and their owner should they become lost. The implantation of this microchip is relatively painless and requires no anesthesia; much like a typical vaccination procedure. Currently, HomeAgain and their extensive Pet Rescue Network is directly responsible for the reunion of over 600,000 pets and their owners.


Here’s How It Works:


1. Your pet goes missing or is lost


2. Contact HomeAgain immediately. A notification will be rapidly sent out to all pet hospitals, shelters, etc… within the vicinity informing them of the lost animal


3. The pet is found at one of these clinics/shelters and scanned for HomeAgain Chip revealing pet information as well as the contact information of the owner


4. HomeAgain contacts the pet owner notifying them of the location of the pet


5. The pet and owner are reunited. A great deal of happiness, joy and affection ensues

Home Again Pet Recovery Services Pet Preventive Care Pet Wellness and Protection Services - Home Again Preventive Care for Dogs


"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  - Benjamin Franklin


  • Regular check-ups

  • Yearly Vaccinations and Blood work

  • Preventative for heartworms, fleas, and other parasites.

Preventative Care