Hayfield Animal Hospital - Veterinary Hospital in Alexandria, VA

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7724 Telegraph Road

Alexandria VA, 22315

"By far and away one of the best vets I've had.  The doctors and staff are fantastic and take great care of my pup.  The vets and techs spend time with me  - it's not a quick meet-and-kick-you-out-the-door type of visit.  Everyone is very kind, they have worked with me dealing with pet insurance, new puppy issues, scheduling, always without issue.  I have a very large dog and they have just been great with her.  I'm so grateful to have not only quality medical care for my pup, but also great people to work with."

- Laurie Briggs


"Caresa Hobbs at the reception desk,  always amazes me with her memory and conscientiousness in the performance of her job--which includes a vast array of duties, most of which are not even listed in her job description.. Months will pass between calls, yet Caresa remembers my name and my dogs. Her interest in the client is genuine and awesome, considering the legions  of clients she helps everyday.."

"Best animal hospital ever. We were clients/patients from 2000 until 2017. The compassion and knowledge was amazing. Having moved to Maine we left behind the kindness they had always shown us. We lost our Max before we moved and the time devoted to us, Max and our questions was endless. I hope no one ever doubts this amazing place. Our cat Molly died 4 weeks ago and now we just lost our 8 year old golden Casey. I wish I had Hayfield here."  

- Natalie Forowa