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At Hayfield Animal Hospital, we recognize that your pet is an active member in your family. We are experienced in every area of pet care so expect the highest quality of care for your little furry friend!

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Don't waste any time getting your pet immediate care when you suspect them of a sickness. We offer same day service at Hayfield Animal Hospital.  Call us today at 703-971-2127 for more information!

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Monday | 7:30am - 7:00pm

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Welcome to Hayfield Animal Hospital. We understand that your pet is a vital member of your family. Our veterinarians and veterinary surgeons provide care for pets in Alexandria, VA, and surrounding areas. We are experienced in every area of pet care in order to ensure the highest standard of quality care for your pet, including dogs, cats, and exotic pet care.


Our veterinary hospital has advanced equipment for pet diagnostics, pet medical treatment, and surgical care. Regular exams and preventative care are essential for your pet’s health. We provide preventative care for heartworms, fleas, and parasites, pet vaccinations & dental care to keep your pet healthy. If your pet needs surgery, we provide many services including pet neutering, spaying, declawing, and growth removal.


We provide pet grooming and cleaning services to keep your pet clean and healthy, including dogs, cats, and exotic pets. Our grooming services include bathing and mat removal, nail trimming, brush out, shave down, and ear cleaning. In addition, we offer pet boarding services in a safe and comfortable environment.


When you suspect that your pet is sick, don’t wait to get treatment. At Hayfield Animal Hospital, we offer same day appointments and emergency care for your pet. Please take a few moments to browse our website to read more about the services we provide for pets in the Alexandria, VA area and contact us by telephone at 703-971-2127 to schedule an appointment for your pet.

10% off Dental Cleanings during January February and March. Additional $10.00 off for Active Duty Military with ID.

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