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Keep your pet's grin gleaming

Dental care is necessary to keep your pet's mouth vigorous. We want to help them avoid problems caused by abscessed teeth like tartar build up and gum disease. We offer many dental care options.

A clean pet is a healthy pet

Grooming is important for your pet’s overall well-being. We strive to supply you and your pet with the very best grooming services available. We are happy to work with our new and existing clients to best meet the needs for your pet!

Services for their smile

• Bad breath (one of the first signs of periodontal disease)

• Red or swollen gums

• Loose or missing teeth

• Discomfort when mouth or gums are touched

• Possible decreased appetite or weight loss due to difficulty chewing

Luxurious grooming services for your pet

• Cleaning, grooming, and preventative care for exotic pets

• Bathing and mat removal (medicated baths available)

• Brush Out and shave down

• Nail Trimming

• Ear Cleaning and Plucking

Cat grooming

• Ultrasonic dental scaling

• Sub-gingival scaling curettage (under the gum scaling)

• Polish and fluoride rinse

• Digital dental radiographs (extraction prevention)

Discounts available for active military members!


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