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Tips for your pet this fall

By hayfieldani21276560, Sep 20 2017 04:55PM

Summer is nearing an end and that means changes in our routine are happening as we prepare for a new school year and the pending winter season. Here are some things to keep in mind during the upcoming season to keep your pet healthy, happy and safe.

1) Your pet may have become used to having you around more while school was on break and summer vacations were happening. If your routine means leaving your pet home alone more often, remember to ease them back into a routine of stimulating activities they can do on their own.

2) The days are slowly getting shorter, so if you are out with your dog at night, or have an outdoor cat, find them a reflective collar to wear to ensure they are visible in the dark. And remember to make yourself visible when out at night as well.

3) As colder weather approaches, rodents seek shelter from the temperatures, which means more rodenticides are used. This is highly toxic to pets and could be fatal if ingested. Use extreme caution when using these products around your home and make sure they are not in reach of your pets.

4) Believe it or not, ticks are still lurking. Piles of leaves and other piles of garden scraps are places ticks like to hang out to survive during the winter. In order to help protect your pet, get rid of excess garden waste where ticks can live, and continue to apply a flea/tick preventative to your pet year-round.

5) The ground will start to get damper, which means mushrooms will begin blooming. Most mushrooms are completely safe, but a small group are very toxic to pets and humans. If you believe your pet may have eaten a toxic mushroom, contact the Animal Poison Control Center or your full service veterinarian immediately.

6) You are probably anxious to pull out your fall décor! Remember to keep items out of pet’s reach if they could be dangerous to your pet.

Oct 26 2017 02:12PM by Taylor Bishop

Thanks for going over some tips to take care of pets in the fall. I'm glad that you mentioned that you could have a reflective collar if you are walking them in the dark. I'm kind of interested to learn more about what these collars could look like or if there could be other items you could utilize. http://www.gulfportveterinarian.com

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