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Chirpy's Story

By hayfieldani21276560, Mar 6 2017 03:39PM

Chirpy's Story...

Chirpy is wonderful hen found by the Animal Welfare League as a stray chick wandering on Mount Vernon Avenue. Chirpy was adopted and grew up to be a beautiful hen living off Franconia Road with two dogs, four other chickens, and two guinea fowl.

Unfortunately, when Chirpy was about one year old, she developed a large lump on the bottom of her foot, which caused her to badly limp. Fortunately for her, Dr. Hinn and his wonderful assistant Hilary made a house call to examine Chirpy. Dr. Hinn diagnosed Chirpy's problem as a bacterial infection known as "bumblefoot." After leaving to do some research on appropriate treatment protocols (and to pick up tools), Dr. Hinn and Hilary made another house call. This time, they operated on Chirpy, relieving the pressure on her foot, and cleaning out the site of the infection. Dr. Hinn and Hilary then bandaged Chirpy back up, and gave her owners clear instructions (and equipment) to enable them to change the dressing. Within days, Chirpy made a complete recovery. We know that we speak for her when we say, "Thank goodness for Dr. Hinn and Hilary, and for their willingness to make house calls to treat a problem rarely seen in Alexandria!"

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